So, seven months ago or maybe a little more than that. We started a podcast. We didn't put any expectations for it. We just decided to go for it. We did a few test episodes, got in our groove, took a break, came back hot, and somehow we are now gearing up for our third season. 

We encourage you to have a listen to our podcast before it returns the first TUESDAY at 12pm in FEBRUARY, and the the video recording will premiere that WEDNESDAY at 2pm on YouTube. 

Our podcast is no holds bard...or whatever the saying is. It is unapologetically black AF and we go for it. It is hosted by Rhonda Smith and her twins Aaron and Aaliyah. When we say we talk about it all...we talk about it all...yes, even with our mother present. This podcast is an extension of our website and brand, it is who we want people to see. 

Go on have a listen. You can stream us however and where ever you listen to podcasts. Just search ELEVATION LIFESTYLE: THE PODCAST and you should be able to find us. 

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