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Cinnamon Buns Soy Wax Melts Description:

Indulge your senses with the delightful aroma of our Cinnamon Buns Soy Wax Melts. Imagine walking into a cozy bakery, greeted by the irresistible scent of freshly baked cinnamon buns straight from the oven. Our wax melts capture the essence of this delectable treat, infusing your space with warmth, comfort, and a hint of sweetness.

Fragrance Profile:
- Top Notes: Warm cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of vanilla.
- Middle Notes: Sweet, gooey caramel and brown sugar.
- Base Notes: Rich, buttery dough, reminiscent of freshly baked cinnamon buns.

The fragrance begins with the spicy kick of cinnamon and nutmeg, instantly transporting you to a kitchen filled with the comforting aroma of baking spices. As the wax melts, the sweetness of caramel and brown sugar emerges, perfectly complementing the spiciness. The base notes evoke the essence of soft, buttery dough, replicating the essence of a warm, freshly baked cinnamon bun.

Each soy wax melt is handcrafted with care, using high-quality, natural soy wax. Our melts are designed to provide a long-lasting and consistent fragrance release, ensuring that your space remains inviting and cozy for hours on end.

Experience the joy of a sweet and comforting ambiance with our Cinnamon Buns Soy Wax Melts. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests, these wax melts will fill your home with the irresistible scent of freshly baked cinnamon buns.

Place one or two wax melts in the top of your wax warmer, light the tea light or turn on the electric warmer, and enjoy the comforting aroma of freshly baked cinnamon buns wafting through your space.

Immerse yourself in the sweet embrace of our Cinnamon Buns Soy Wax Melts, and let the aromatic journey transport you to the cozy atmosphere of a bustling bakery.

2.5 oz | 74ml