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If you love the smell of incense but don't like the smell of those cheap incense cones we have a solution for you we have built what traditional incense is missing. With High Life Incense's smoking cones, you can puff away with out smelling like a dirty hippie! We make all of our cones from non toxic ingredients and use only the highest quality essential oils available. 

Top: Cantaloupe, Hemp Leaf
Middle: Hemp, Hemp Seeds
Base: Musk, Amber, Eastern Cedar

—30 Cones Per Container


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Return policy

You have seven days from the day of purchase to get in contact with us about arranging returns.

Due to the panorama we will not be accepting returns currently. Once the panini is over we will gladly set you straight.

Please report product issues to and we will get back to you with in reasonable business hours between 8am - 5pm EST.

"Our promise is always provide high quality products at an affodable price point."

Rhonda, Co-Founder

  • Cruelty Free

  • Clean

  • Natural AF

  • Safe

Perfectly, Handmade

We make all of our candle vessels by hand, using cement, water, and a natural sealant to ensure the candle holds up. The bonus is that after its use as a candle you can use it for something else. ♡